7 Covid Initiatives Implemented During the Lockdown

The pandemic has affected the lives all over the country. After losing jobs, it has become difficult for many to even afford two meals a day. With no savings and no jobs, they looked for helped from others and the country did not disappoint. Several organizations as well as individuals came forward to help people out in their time of need.

Raman Kant Munjal Foundation (RKMF) decided to implement some Covid Initiatives too and did so successfully. Let’s take a look at some of them and let us know if you would want to contribute in anyway.

  1. Distribution of Food Ration Kits

The foundation distributed over 10,000 food ration kits to families living in the rural areas, in over eight states of the country. Hero MotoCorp and Hero Future Energies funded this Covid Initiative and it was run quite successfully. Several people were happy to receive the aid.

  1. Freshly-cooked Food for the Underprivileged

Daily wage workers and slum dwellers had it worse. They did not know when they would be able to afford their next mean. So, RKMF rose to the occasion and implemented an initiative to distribute cooked food to people living in the slums. Over 10,000 packets were distributed.

  1. Hygiene Kits for the Migrant Workers

It was difficult to afford food, so being able to afford hygiene–related items was out of the question for the labourers. But it was a necessity considering the rapidly spreading virus and how it was taking lives mercilessly. The foundation ensured that hygiene kits were distributed among the migrant workers in Gurugram.

  1. Distribution and Creation of Face Masks

RKMF even conducted face masks distribution drives and distributed over 3,00,000 of them to the rural areas as part of one of their Covid Initiatives. However, a little known fact is that these masks were created by none other than the wonderful women from the foundation’s Hamari Asha Project as well as self-help groups of Haryana State Rural Livelihoods Mission. This created employment opportunities for women did not have a source of income.

  1. Food distribution management system

The country was in a crisis but several governmental departments, NGOs, corporates, and even individuals came ahead to do their bit. RKMF went a step ahead and created a digital platform to help the government streamline the process of food donations. This allowed the government to keep a track on different sources of donations and avoid duplicity in distribution. The foundation handed out 60,00,000 food packets to over 3,00,000 people through this process.

  1. Supported the Government with Quarantine support

The foundation collaborated with the Gurugram administration to provide quarantine support. They created a web-based application for monitoring self-quarantined people in Gurugram. It acted as an interface between the government officials and RKMF’s volunteers, who were involved in tele-calling COVID-stricken patients in the city.

  1. Spreading Awareness Through Social Media Campaigns

In a time like this knowledge was power and misinformation was everywhere. With this in mind, the RKMF digital team decided to spread awareness about Covid-19 by creating social media campaigns in collaboration with the local government.

These initiatives have managed to help many but we still have a lot left to do. If you wish to help with any of the Covid Initiatives please contact us.

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