The Raman Kant Munjal Foundation is dedicated to enriching and energizing lives by helping the less privileged and thus enabling to build a happier and healthier community and society. Central to our belief is the relentless commitment towards empowering women in rural and under privileged parts of the country by encouraging and enabling them to not only be equipped with skills that allow financial independence but also holistic development that allows them to become better citizens.

With it’s key focus areas of Education, Skill Development , Women Empowerment and Community Development, the foundation has so far touched and positively impacted hundreds of lives in the backward regions of rural Haryana thereby putting women from these areas back into the mainstream.

From its inception in 1992, coupled with the strong leadership of the Hero group, the foundation continues to thrive in bringing about a positive and sustainable change to the society and community.


Renu Munjal


Renu Munjal is the chairperson of the Raman Kant Munjal Foundation . She has not only been leading the design and implementation of various initiatives but has been very closely involved in the daily operations of every program run by the foundation thus adding more strength and sustainability to its purpose.

Close to her heart is the cause of women empowerment as she believes that any society can truly progress if the women who are the center of all life coming into being and nurturing are progressed. With this philosophy, she has led the foundation successfully to demonstrate how every empowered woman has not only brought about a positive change to her life but has significantly brought about a similar change to the society and community she lives in.

An empowered, educated woman is like the bricks we need in the foundation of the society’s building, leave it weak and you are constructing a building of weak generations to come.

– Renu Munjal, Chairperson, Raman Kant Munjal Foundation


Enriching and energising lives through sustainable growth and development that allows to create a healthier and happier community and society.


To work with communities through partnership, dialogue, education and skill development that brings about a strong, sustainable and positive change to the society.