Transforming Anganwadis to Provide Enriching Learning Experiences

The government has set up Anganwadis for children in the age group of 3 to 5 years. However, their ill-maintained conditions and lack of necessary resources do not attract many enrolments, depriving many children of the basics of education. This meant that children from these villages enrolled in schools directly at the age of 5-6 years, to Class 1. They missed out on learning the first lessons and were usually unprepared to face the advanced syllabus. To avoid this, we collaborated with District Administration Gurgaon and adopted government Anganwadis in 45 villages in the Gurgaon district. With support from Hero MotoCorp, the learning experience at the Anganwadis has improved substantially. We helped in improving the infrastructure to make these playschools look just as good as those in the urban areas. This project also helped in providing employment opportunities to women in these regions. Apart from the basics of academics, soft skills, motor skills and creative skills as well as hygiene and good habits are taught to the toddlers by a well-trained, volunteer teacher. The aim is to prepare the children well before they enter formal schools and give them some form of academic background. To make sure this project is a success, our team works closely with the Haryana Government’s Women and Child Welfare Department.

Bringing in Change

Take a look at the transformations that came about through our collaboration.





How We Do It / Providing Students a Solid Foundation

Our Anganwadis were established to promote holistic education among children between 3 and 5 years of age. We have equipped these centers with resources that are a prerequisite for preschool education.

The Inclusion of Educational Aids


When children are at a young age, they are easily attracted and enchanted by colourful pictures and creative activities. The Hero Anganwadis have educational aids to help the kids develop physical and motor skills, cognitive skills, language skills and socio-emotional skills. 

Sports and Cultural Activities


The level of education provided is not restricted to academia. The Hero Anganwadis walks the extra mile to ensure that children get enough opportunities to participate in various sports activities and celebrate cultural events and festivals.

Teacher Training

Teachers Training
Teachers Training2

We owe our success to our competent, dedicated and well-trained teachers. Hero Anganwadi teachers are extensively trained on different topics and are prepared to manage live classrooms. This helps them in making their classes interesting for their students by using the most effective method of learning. 

Impact / Highlights

Villages in Haryana


Anganwadi Transformed


Students Benifted


Attendance post Intervention