Asha Centers

Lending Hope for a Brighter Future

Asha Education Center is a ray of hope for children from poor or migrant families in rural areas. Asha Centers were established to provide remedial education to children who lack access to formal education or are school drop-outs. Through these centers, we ensure that the disadvantaged group of children are provided with the opportunity to explore better career choices in their life through education. Asha Education Centers are more than just educational centers for rural children. It has dual benefits. Not only does this program impart education to children but it also empowers local women to be trained and employed as teachers.

Asha Centers Location Info:


2,500+ students are being educated in over 70 villages around Dharuhera.


200 children are being prepared for formal education in Delhi.


400 children find hope through 15 Asha Centers in Dhar.


250+ lives enriched through remedial education in Pratapgarh.

How We Do It / Doubling Hope

Asha Centers were set up to help impoverished or migrant children gain access to basic education and put them on track to receive formal education.

Holistic development of students

Across Asha Centers, we use a combination of audio and visual content, worksheets, exercises, evaluations and more to deliver effective classroom sessions and enhance the learning capabilities of the students. Keeping in sync with the latest trends in the education system and increased adoption of technology, our students are provided access to online educational content to continue their class curriculum from the safety of their homes. We also encourage our students to think out of the box and give as much importance to sports and extra-curricular activities to promote their overall development.

Creating catalysts for change

Asha Centers focus on its teachers just as much as it does on its students. We identify potential teachers from among local women who are willing to be part of the initiative. These women are then trained to be teachers by professionals. They undergo exhaustive training in different teaching methodologies and techniques, adopting technology for imparting education, addressing various problems faced by students, and taking their training a step further by putting it into action in live classrooms. At Asha Centers, we not only give them hope for a better future but train them to achieve their dreams.

Going Digital

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a mobile app called Brainweave, or BW Hub. With limited access to physical classrooms, Asha Center students can continue their lessons through our e-learning app. BW Hub app has animated videos and worksheets for students. The cartoon characters make the app fun and stimulating while making it easy for children to understand what they are learning.

On this platform, students can access worksheets for all subjects such as G.K., Science, English, and Maths for their respective classes. The app aims to encourage children to study independently. The teachers can also track their students’ performance on the app.

Impact Assessment

We, at Asha Center, do regular impact assessments of our intervention with internal exams as well as third party evaluations to get a clear picture of where they stand academically and how can they improve their performance. These evaluations also help parents in understanding their child’s performance and focus on their weak areas.

Impact / Highlights

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