At the foundation, we believe that education is the founding stone of any progressive society and nation. The future of any nation truly depends on how educated it’s children are.

In India, the right to education act makes education a fundamental right of each child. With this belief and to support the government in this act, the foundation has established Asha centers across villages in the country, Like the name “Asha:” meaning hope suggests, these centers cater to the remedial educational needs of the children going to government schools in the villages, they are set up giving them the hope and direction to a better future. In addition to education, these centers also undertake various extra-curricular activities covering sports, music, art, good habits, health and hygiene that helps in developing the overall personality of these students.

The teachers at these centers are appointed from within the village after a recruitment process that involves knowledge and teaching skill set assessment and includes a one-week teaching skill facilitation by a competent foundation volunteer.


“The Asha centers have a dual impact. Not only do we create an inclination to study amongst the local children, we also create jobs for the local women.”

The students are assessed twice in a session by using written as well as oral exam methodologies and a full track of their progress is maintained.

At the heart of each Asha center, lies the core of providing sustainable, inclusive and progressive growth and development. Come be a part of our journey of hope.



125 Asha centres running in 85 villages of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Currently, More than 3000+ underprivileged  government school students are provided remedial education in these centers.



Education not only empowers but with learning we are able to build a stronger and happier future.

– Radhika Uppal


Success Stories
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Since childhood I had a desire that I should also contribute to the society in a significant way and I felt that no other profession/work could fulfill it better than the teaching profession. The family circumstances didn’t allow me and this ardent desire was suppressed somewhere in a corner of my heart.
I can’t forget the beautiful dawn when the executive from the Vocational Center RKMF came to my village and told me that the RKMF Management had planned to open an ASHA Center in my village Joniawas and I was offered to take care of this Center as ASHA teacher. It started my success journey. I always feel indebted to RKMF for my personal and professional growth.

Kusum Lata (ASHA Teacher)