At the foundation, we believe that it is our responsibility and duty to give back to the society and community we live in so that the under privileged also get their due to live a respectable life. The various community development programs executed by the teamcurrently focus on the following areas:

The foundation helps various government schools by way of renovation or restoration of school classroom buildings and boundary walls construction.Since inception the foundation has been contributing towards building classrooms, boundary walls and toilets in various government schools.This year in Khiledi and Panda villages of Dhar district in MP government schools were taken up and toilets and boundary walls were constructed for both the schools as part of Hero Future Energies CSR funds.

Installation of solar lights in villages: Solar street lights that run on clean energy have been installed across various villages making it safer and convenient to walk on the streets at night especially for women and children. More than 50 street lights have been installed across villages like Goyal and Kamlakhedi, Khiledi, Phuledi, Panda, Indrawal, etc. In addition, a solar rooftop project has also been commissioned at a viklang Kendra in Karkardooma, Delhi.

Water ATMs: The aim of installing water ATM’s is to enable access to clean, drinking water in villages without the women having to walk miles to fetch the same. These ATMs not only provide access to clean drinking water but they do so at a very affordable cost as they run on solar energy thus contributing to the environment. So far these water ATMs have been successfully installed in the villages of Devgarh in Rajasthan and Dhar and Alote in Madhya Pradesh.

Water Conservation Checked Dams: One project, many benefits! The foundation have been working in the remote areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to conserve water. The project stands for – By the people, for the people. Check Dams provides a regular water supply for sustainable irrigation throughout the year and recharges the groundwater for a better use. Check Dam projects didn’t only benefit the agriculture of the village but it also gave employment opportunities to villagers.


DHANCHARCHA, HERO Fincorp’s maiden CSR campaign on financial literacy : Hero Fincorp strongly believe that a company’s performance must be measured by its triple-bottom-line contribution towards building economic, social, and environmental capital for enhancing societal sustainability. Therefore we went on to create interactive content related to knowledge and behaviour of people in their category, with whom they could easily identify with. The 40-60 minute program packed the basics of financial literacy, planning financial goals, managing cash flows, gaining access to formal sources of finance, and good credit practices.

DhanCharcha targets audience in four groups – school or college students, villagers, urban poor and industrial workers.

Financial Aid :

Girl Education: Realising that education can empower the girls and improve their status in the society, RKMF has provided scholarship worth Rs. 10,000 as fixed deposit per girl child for 60 underprivileged girls studying in our school and from Asha centers.

BPL Students: Considering that every child has right to education, 48 students from this strata of society have been enrolled in our school where they are provided free education inclusive of fees, uniform, books and stationary. These students are sponsored by various organizations.

Mass marriages: In the past the foundation had organized mass marriages for the poor, handicapped and for girls from backward castes. All expenses where borne by the foundation. Household items and furniture are also presented to these women to start a new life.