Covid Initiatives

Rise of the Heroes During The Pandemic

Who would have thought that life could change like this? The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the words ‘normal’ and ‘survival’ for all. It has affected the livelihoods of people all over the country. Several people have lost jobs and do not know if they would be able to put food on the table again. The daily wage workers are among the worst hit. Unlike most other people in the country, they do not have any savings to fall back on either. Raman Kant Munjal Foundation (RKMF) rose to the occasion and lent hope to many people by distributing food, hygiene kits and more. The foundation also collaborated with the local government to spread awareness about the coronavirus and conducted different activities to help rural communities.

Distributing Food Ration Kits

Over 30,000 food ration kits were distributed by our volunteers among the families living in the rural areas. Villages in Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra were part of this food drive. This initiative was generously funded by Hero MotoCorp, Hero Future Energies and Hero FinCorp. 

Cooked Food for Slum Dwellers

People living in the slum areas were among the most affected by the lockdown due to lost earning opportunities and food inaccessibility. RKMF understood this predicament and decided to do something about it.  Over 10,000 packets of freshly-prepared food were distributed among the people living in the slums of Rewari and Gurugram. This project was funded by Hero MotoCorp and BML Munjal University.

Handing Out Hygiene Kits

It was a difficult time for migrant workers. Many were walking back to their hometowns or were travelling by train. Purchasing hygienic products was the last thing on their mind. The foundation took care of this. More than 2,000 hygiene kits were distributed among migrant labourers in Gurugram.

'Face Mask Distribution Project

Raman Kant Munjal Foundation distributed over 3,00,000 face masks among the people living in the rural areas of the country. The foundation’s volunteers covered about nine villages as part of this initiative. At many places, we even collaborated with the local government. The entire funding for this initiative was done by Hero FinCorp as part of their CSR initiative.

For those wondering where these masks came from, the masks were created by 200+ women from the Hamari Asha Project as well as self-help groups of Haryana State Rural Livelihoods Mission. The foundation took care of the supply of raw materials and the logistics for the making of the masks. It created employment opportunities for many women, who otherwise were stuck in their homes without any job due to the lockdown. The creation of these reusable cloth face masks proved to be a blessing for many.

Oxygen Support During the Pandemic

For meeting the oxygen shortage and supporting the COVID-19 patients, foundation donated a 250Liters Per Minute Oxygen PSA plant at the 50 bed civil hospital in Kosli, District Rewari. 70 oxygen concentrators were also donated in various COVID-19 care centers of Gurugram and Rewari district. Apart from this a oxygen concentrator bank was also managed by the foundation for serving the patients living in villages around Dharuhera. This initiative was generously funded by Hero FinCorp.

Food Distribution Management System

When many people including migrant workers in the country were starving, the government offices, NGOs, corporate and even individuals came forward to help the needy. This is when the RKMF team came up with a novel idea of developing a digital platform to streamline food donations in Gurugram. The platform smoothened the entire process, avoiding duplicity of food distribution and managed to hand out 60,00,000 food packets to over 3,00,000 people.

Food Distribution Management System

Quarantine Support

As RKMF was working with the Gurugram administration on several initiatives, the team has also created a web-based application for monitoring self-quarantined people in Gurugram. It acted as an interface between the government officials and RKMF’s volunteers, who were involved in tele-calling COVID-stricken patients in the city. The volunteers updated the data on the application by calling quarantined patients, who benefited from their guidance and support.

The RKMF digital team also raised awareness about COVID-19 through social media campaigns. Take a look.