Introducing Rural Women to Financial Independence

Lack of knowledge or skills have often made people vulnerable to poverty and other social evils. With the aim to uplift the rural women from such vulnerability and introducing them to the concept of financial independence, we launched a program called Jeevika. This program empowers women by providing them with certified vocational training. 

The skills taught through this program have impacted many lives as it has helped several women become self-reliant by gaining employment or turn entrepreneurs by running their own boutiques or parlours. They have also gained new confidence. The program has been running successfully in villages of Dharuhera, Pataudi, Manesar, Bhiwadi and Rewari in Haryana.

Available Certified Programs

The program offers three major courses annually – 

Sewing and Stitching


Beauty Parlour

Impact / Highlights

  • 3,200+ women are either self-employed or working at garment manufacturing units.
  • 62+ women received training for the Beauty Parlour course.
  • 2,000+ students were coached through the Computer course.

How We Do It / A 4-step Program

We have skill centres set up in various locations, where women are trained. For those who had difficulty getting to these centres, we opened satellite skill centres so that women living in distant villages could also take up these courses, easily. At the end of the course, we hold a small diploma award ceremony to instil a sense of achievement. 

In addition to developing skills, we also focus on personality development. To ensure this, we organise several workshops and trips like cooking classes, trips to nearby places, personality development classes and counseling sessions. 

Success Stories