Skill Development

Honing skills for a Brighter Future

In order to earn a living, one must have a certain set of skills. However, not everyone can afford to learn skills that can secure them any kind of employment or livelihood, especially for those living in the rural areas. Raman Kant Munjal Foundation (RKMF) has always been true to the cause of empowering rural India. With this aim in mind, we set up several initiatives that help people from impoverished backgrounds acquire new skills. 

Jeevika, Hunar and Ek Pahal are three such initiatives that have helped many individuals develop skills, which eventually enabled them to get employed or run small businesses of their own. We have successfully led these programs in many villages in Haryana.

Skill development Initiatives

These are the Skill development initiatives that led to upliftment.


Over 3,200+ people employed at garment manufacturing units


Hunar is training, developing and supporting skilled professionals.

Ek Pahal

Ek Pahal has trained over 8,000+ girls to ride scooters.

Impact / Highlights

  • 70% of women are either holding steady jobs or self-employed

Success Stories