Hamari Asha

Equality through Empowerment

Hamari Asha enables and empowers women across all communities to come together and work in projects that allow them to become economically independent. This instills in them a greater sense of self worth and confidence allowing them to grow and progress.

A strong society is one where everyone has equal rights. For this idea to become a reality, it is necessary to empower the women in our country so that they have equal opportunities.  Gender equality and empowerment is also one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly. With the aim to achieve this goal, we introduced the Hamari Asha program for rural women.

Product Showcase

As part of this program, women were taught how to make products like decorative diyas, bags, candles, jute bags and other similar handicraft items. These skills have helped women find a way to not only earn a livelihood but also build their confidence. They make quite a profit too, especially during the festive season. Just like the name of the program Hamari Asha, the program is giving hope to many rural women.

The women selling these products were incredibly proficient and created a number of products that looked no less than those coming from big brands. Take a look at their work.



Jute Bags

Gift Bags

Table Linen


Impact / Highlights

  • 100+ women earning regularly.

Success Stories